What is Detox Massage?


If you are a Spa or a massage enthusiast, you’d have definitely heard about Detox Massage. Massage or Spa treatments in general, promote not only relaxation but also give an entire boost to our immune system – Detox Massages, in particular, are used to help restore functioning by focusing on the lymphatic system, which is a network of tissues and organs to help the body rid of toxins, waste, and other unhealthy materials. Whether from substance abuse or to cleanse the body from unhealthy eating habits, Detox Massages can help spark the body’s natural healing processes.

Detox massage techniques help strengthen and relax your muscles; alternating pressures on muscles help to strengthen, stimulate, and ultimately release tension and toxins that have built up.

So how does a detox massage work?

Detox Massages are often deep massages done by a skilled Therapist. With a detox massage, a therapist will massage your lymph nodes, which are located in the neck, behind the ear, armpit, and groin area. Swollen lymph nodes are often a response to illness, infection, or stress, and are a sign that your body is trying to rid of whatever toxins are causing you pain. As your therapist gently massages you, your body will undergo lymph drainage, which stimulates the reproduction and circulation of white blood cells and removes toxins from tissues, to be destroyed in lymph nodes.

Detox massage, like all massage, helps improve circulation throughout the body. Better circulation means more oxygen, nutrients, and energy for the entire body! The other benefits of Detox massage are-

Increase in energy

Better immunity

Better looking skin

Healthy hair

Improved alertness

Relieves stress

Better overall physical and mental health

Things to Do After a Detox Massage

  1. Drink plenty of water throughout the day
  2. Reduce your exposure to toxins
  3. Eat healthy and natural foods
  4. Avoid stressing yourself out too much by taking regular breaks

At Experience Spa in Ajman, Detox Massage takes around 60-90minutes, involving relaxing essential oils for your senses and long smooth strokes to ease any tension, creating a truly blissful experience. This deeply nurturing herbal massage of ours serves to help the body unwind, alleviating stress and restlessness.

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