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Benefits of Coffee and Yoghurt Body Scrub

Everyone loves a healthy and glowing skin. So let’s have a look a real healthy and natural treatment that heals your body and restores your energy.
Coffee is a tonic that everyone loves to drink to relieve stress or give you an instant energy boost. Coffee have a lot of antioxidants, caffeine etc., provides a lot of health benefits for the body. Yoghurt, on the other hand is a fermented milk derivative. It’s rich in nutrients and proteins which are ideal for your body. So mix them both, you get a Coffee and Yoghurt Body Scrub.

At Experience Spa this treatment lasts around 50mins, where our therapist spread the brownish coffee and yoghurt mix on your entire body, leave it to rest for few minutes. This cool off time helps the body to absorb all the essential nutrients from the pack onto the body and lets the mixture work its magic on your body. Then it is washed off, followed by a light massage.

You’ll find the results to be quite amazing. You’ll be filled with vigor and energy. Your skin will be glowing and your body toxins will have been eliminated. This scrub also eliminates dead skin cells all over the body. To sum up, it is one the healthiest natural treatment that heals both your body and your energy.

Next time whenever you feel the need to repair your aura, just head to Experience Spa, Ramada by Wyndham Beach Hotel in Ajman and let our experienced therapists take care of the rest.