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Thai Massage and Its Benefits

We have fantastic Spa for you “The Experience Spa “Open to everyone. Read this article and learn all about Thai massage.

A massage that is more like yoga because it combines yoga postures, principles of Indian Ayurveda and acupressure,
Thai Traditional Massage leaves you in a state of sublime relaxation.

Our Thai Massage at The Experience Spa will teach you simple and effective massage techniques.  Read on to find out more about Thai massage and why the experience spa is great for you…and for your friends and family!



Traditional Thai Massage is classified as a type of soft tissue manipulation. Here, a practitioner physically stimulates portions of the body to help promote pain relief. Pain relief is derived by stimulating blood circulation and nerve endings, resulting in reflexive effects that reduce muscle contraction and hardness.

Each Channel is pressed repeatedly from every direction, with the relative positions of the limbs and trunk being constantly changed. The process is very thorough. When the practitioner is satisfied that all soft tissues have been adequately pressed, stretching begins.

This will be subtle at first but gradually progresses to the elegant, large scale stretches for which Thai massage is renowned. Every muscle and joint is treated.

  • Stretching Like None alternative
  • Circulation of Blood
  • Pain Relief
  • Mental Relaxation
  • Strengthen Immune System

When it comes to treating pain, patients want the best treatment options available. Unfortunately, not all pain management options work for everyone. Furthermore, existing approaches do not work across all demographics. To further complicate matters, pharmaceuticals that do reduce pain often come with a host of side effects. These side effects negatively impact a patient’s quality of life beyond the relief provided by the medication. For some patients, traditional Thai massage can be an effective alternate form of pain management. Moderate pain relief with few associated side effects.

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